Creating Long Term Money Making Opportunities Online part 2

How do you produce content to draw traffic? Although it is said that the value of the content determines the amount of traffic, this might not always be the case. Articles or blog posts that are created just to capture the attention of search engine can draw lots of traffic in a short period of time. But if you are hoping to build traffic for long term which able to survive changes online, the value of the content created should be based upon readers and not according to search engine algorithm. Algorithm of search engine alters and changes frequently. If your articles or blog posts are created to suit the algorithm of search engine, traffic drops once changes take place. Keeping up with the updates and changes of search algorithm is troublesome and takes a lot of work. Instead if you are able to create content based on the needs of people, your articles or blog posts will be able to survive most of the changes online and continue to draw traffic.

What does it mean by creating valuable content? Basically it can be define as content which is helpful and beneficial to readers. Even content that is fun, entertaining and interesting can be consider helpful because it makes readers smile and release tension. Below are some of the examples which can be considered as valuable content.

  • Content that helps solving problems
  • Content that helps release stress
  • Content that motivates people
  • Content that helps increases knowledge

These are the areas of content which serve a purpose. Usually people tend to look for them online. When there is a high demand on a particular topic of content, you can expect a high traffic if the content is well created. The next question is how to create, produce and present the content so that it stands out valuable for readers. Everybody is able and have the chance to write about the content listed above. But how do you write such valuable content so that readers choose to read from your site or blog instead of others? Take for example if you are looking for a blog that helps to make money online, which blog do you choose? There are lots of blogs and websites that are writing about the same valuable content. What makes them so special that people choose to reader their blog or website instead of others? Think about it. I’ll talk about it later in my next post.



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