Creating Good Quality Original Content for your blog

Original content does not mean that the content must be unique and never been told or mention by anybody before. It basically means the content is written by you and is not just a product of copy and paste from a particular site. The information within the content can be general or discussed by somebody else before. Once it is written by your own words, it is consider original content.

Anybody can produce original content. But trying to produce good quality original content is a bit difficult and tricky. Nowadays information can be obtained easily. Blogging is not about striving for firsthand information or scoop. It is about further elaborating, discussing, sharing and providing an opinion about a topic. No doubt blogging is easy, but it is not an easy job if you are trying to create a blog with good quality original content that attracts lots of traffic. It requires hard work and skills. Remember that only good quality blog with high traffic can generate lots of money making opportunities online. Check out the blog post title “Tips for creating high quality sites part 2“ from Google Inside Adsense Blog on tips and guides to create high quality site. Furthermore, I like to add few more points about creating good quality original content:

  • It must be original content.
  • Use simple words for easy understanding.
  • Blog post title must match the content written.
  • Message must be delivered or convey clearly.
  • We need to take a stand and include personal experience and opinion.
  • You don’t have to be an expert in every field, but you need to be an expert in researching, analyzing and learning online in order to write about unfamiliar topic. This is where your language power and the ability to make use of search engine to look for information come in handy.
  • When constructing your blog post or content, placing yourself in readers or viewers point of view helps create a better blog post. In order to do this effectively, you have to know the group or readers or viewers that you are targeting.



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