Creating an Online Business is difficult but continues to keep the business running successfully is much harder than you think

The article “Nine Great American Companies That Will Never Recover” from Yahoo Finance is an interesting article that I read lately. J.C. Penny, New York Times, Groupon, Sprint Nextel, Barnes & Noble, Zynga, Dell, Advanced Micro Devices and Bank of America are the names of popular companies which most people are familiar about. These companies used to make a lot of money and were among the top in their own industry field. I still remember one of my dreams was to be able to get a job in these companies. As the business world continues to move on with lots of changes and updates, these companies seem to have difficulties maintaining their revenue and success. This reminds me of two online social media sites which were used to be very popular – MySpace and Friendster.

No doubt it is not easy to create businesses which the nine companies did. It is even more difficult to maintain the kind of success these companies achieved. Given few more years, some of the names above might just disappear from the business world. I suppose this is just how things work. If you are unable to compete with others, you will be eliminated.

This goes the same as trying to make money online or pursuing for money making opportunities online. You have to keep on improving and upgrading yourselves in order to compete with others. If not you might get eliminated just like the nine companies above. In the other hand, if you are able to achieve similar success just like the nine companies above, it is not bad at all. Although you get to enjoy the glory moment just for a short period of time, it is still consider as a success. If you succeeded once, then there are chances that you can do it again. You just have to do it all over again from the beginning, but with a lot more effort compare to the first attempt.

P/S: It is much more suitable to say “might not be able to recover” instead of “will never recover”. These companies definitely have the chance to turn things around if changes are made. A little bit of luck is what these companies need in order to recover after putting in lots of hard work.



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