Creating a Good Mobile Site is not just about making money online but also about Branding

It is obvious that a good mobile site does not come from squeezing and resizing a blog or a website to fit in small mobile display. In order to create a good mobile site, you actually have to redesign or build a site from the small mobile display. If you already own a blog or website which initially created for desktop and laptop users, it is not going to look better if you try to fit it into small mobile screen. Do you really need to create a separate mobile site? Or is it good enough to just use a plugin to fit your site into smaller screen?

The first thing that you need to consider is “Are most of your readers or viewers using smartphone?” In other words, is most of your traffic from mobile users? How many of your readers or users check on your site using mobile devices? Thus it is very important that you understand your readers or viewers. You may obtain such information by using Google Analytics. If most of your readers or viewers are from mobile devices, then there is a need to create a separate mobile site.

Mobile users usually want information fast, simple and direct. If your mobile site is not user friendly, they will just leave and move on to other site. It is not just about losing sales or readers, in fact it has a deeper consequences and impact which most mobile site owners do not realize. Especially when mobile users keep on stumble upon your mobile site and have never been able to find what they want, it’s definitely going to give a bad impression. So if you are trying to sell or promote a product or service, it’s not going to convert well. Worst of all, mobile users might think that your product or service is just as bad as your mobile site. Even if you really have a good product or service, mobile users are not convincing because of the poor quality mobile site presented. It is kind of a way to brand your product or service with mobile site. The quality of your mobile site reflects directly to the product or service that you are selling. And if you have a good quality user friendly mobile site, you can basically sell anything. Remember that mobile users are not actually looking for the best products of services. As long as it can solve their problems and make their life easier, they sell great too with a good mobile site.

Check out the blog post title “Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers” form Google Mobile Ads Blog. The percentage and figures presented from the blog post suggested a good mobile site really makes a different in gaining money making opportunities online.



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