Connect with Local Customers Online by Learn with Google

Do you want to Learn with Google? Actually “Learn with Google” is the latest program introduce by Google to help small business owners promote their business online. Check out the blog post title “Learn with Google: Get advice and information to help grow your business” from Google Small Business Blog. You will find guides and info about search engine, marketing online, advertising and many more. All the tips and guides provided are created using Google tools and features. In other words, small business owners can promote and market their business by just signing in Google account. I have to say, at some point I kind of sense that “Learn with Google” is a method to promote Google tools and features. And most important of all to introduce and promote Google Plus.

As far as a small business owner’s concern, “Learn with Google” still has a lot to offer when it comes to guide, information and online knowledge. Especially for an online beginner who wishes to learn everything about Google, this is a good place to get started. Do remind that you can learn a lot of online stuff here but you don’t have to use their tools and features. There are a lot of tools, websites and online programs which are far better than Google. Take for example in the blog post which suggested using Google+ to connect with customers. You can do that easily with Facebook if you already have a long list of friends and customers. Learn and study everything you can, than make use of the knowledge within and out of Google.



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