Combining offline and online business

It is not easy trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online. It is also most definitely not easy trying to start an offline business. But you may have a higher success rate if you try to combine both online and offline business. I’m not saying you should try to run two different businesses at once. I’m basically suggested that you should try to sell your products or services online and offline. It is just making use of whatever you can with all the free resources available which you can think of. You are able to reach out two different areas which have different range of customers if you work online and offline. Although this will increase your workload, time and money invested in your business, it is definitely worth it. Especially if you are at the beginning stage of starting your business, you will have a lot of time to work on your online business while your offline business is still waiting for customer to walk in. Anything which you experience while working on your offline business can be share online. Of cause you may also share your online story with customer who walks in to your offline business. You just basically have to make use of both business platforms effectively. Do you know that even offline small business like grocery and smartphone accessories shop too are generating half of their income online? These small businesses are able to avoid losses by combining both offline and online business strategy. When it rains, they will just focus online because less customer walking in.



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