College degree is not required to build a successful apps design company

If you are able to create and build a successful apps design company, you can forget about college. This is another young successful entrepreneur did when he is able to make a lot of money by designing apps. Check out the blog post title “How a teenager snubbed college to build an apps empire” from Yahoo Small Business Advisor. 18 year old Spencer Costanzo founded Malibu Apps and is expecting to grow further now that he is able to focus on his business fully by not attending college.

If you go through the blog post and read through the question and answer section, there is nothing new about the steps or action taken by Spencer. I’m sure a lot of people are doing the same thing while trying to develop their own apps design. Basically below are the things Spencer did.

  • Design and create lots of iPhone apps. Test the apps and make changes again and again.
  • Outsourcing skills from China and India. Find the right suitable talented people and form a design team.
  • Learn from mistakes and failure. Never stop trying.
  • Do the things that you love and passionate about.

All the above can be done by using a computer with online access. There are lots of tools, platforms and resources that are available for free online. We just have to take action and try to get the results that we want in order to be success. So what do we have to lose? I suppose we need to invest lots of time, effort and taking lots of blows from failure before we can enjoy success.

P/S: If we kind of think of it, how many teenagers really think of designing iPhone apps and starting their own businesses? Most teenagers that I know only think about having fun. I suppose you really have to love designing iPhone apps in order to get this far. And I think Spencer is having fun doing so.



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