Cities Where Most Billionaires and Money Making Opportunities

Lately I stumble upon a blog post title “Cities with the Most Billionaires, 2011” which list out top 5 cities where most billionaires stay. Below are the top 5 cities with the number of billionaires and total combines wealth listed by the blog post:

No. 1: Moscow
Number of Billionaires: 79
Total combined wealth: $375.3 billion

No. 2: New York
Number of Billionaires: 59
Total combined wealth: $220.8 billion

No. 3: London
Number of Billionaires: 41
Total combined wealth: $164.3 billion

No. 4: Hong Kong
Number of Billionaires: 40
Total combined wealth: $176.8 billion

No. 5: Istanbul
Number of Billionaires: 36
Total combined wealth: $60.5 billion

As all the 5 cities have the most concentrated wealth or money in the world, can we just focus our online business towards those cities? Let’s just say we choose New York City for our online business. Judging from the wealth and spending power from that location, a small percentage of sales are enough to make a lot of money. Of cause we still have to study the needs of customers and supply the needs accordingly. Honestly, I think it’s better than targeting the whole world.

P/S: I suppose it’s just a matter of how to make use of the information above. We now know that some of the riches people live in the cities above. They have the money and the spending power. The question is can we see the money making opportunities within.



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One Response to “Cities Where Most Billionaires and Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Maggie says:

    Interesting classification, honestly not really surprised, excepts Istanbul. I am not sure how this information can be used by internet marketers.