Choosing Between Google ads or Facebook ads for Small Business

Budget for small business is always limited and tight. This is why every decision involving money must be carefully made and calculated. Advertising might not be necessary but it is definitely a boost if you are able to spare some money to promote and advertise your business. It is also a good way to bring in new readers or traffic.

Now that there are lots of online advertising companies available, where should we invest our money? Good ads or Facebook ads? Which is better?

Well, we just have to compare both online advertising company and list their strength, advantages and capability. I suppose we have to start from looking at their advertising system and algorithm. Below are some of the basic points we can consider before placing any advertisement.

Google ads generally targets users who uses laptop or desktop. Ads are basically shown within blogs, websites and Google search engine. The ads placements are based on the content and the keywords search. That means it is a prediction base on who might be reading the content and the person who is searching using those keywords. As Google has been working and fine tuning their advertising algorithm, they manage to target the right viewers mostly.

Facebook mobile ads targets users who uses smartphone. Judging from the nature and characteristic of Facebook function, users are mostly youngsters and focus on topics other than work. The range of targeted audiences is limited but the targeting algorithm is direct and focused. It is not a prediction as the ads are shown base on the information within the profile, walls and notes individually.

How good an online advertisement works actually depends on how you make use of them. Each of these online advertisement companies has their advantages and strength. You just have to understand their ability in order to choose which works better for your business.

Check out some of the feedbacks about Google Ads and Facebook Ads in “Have Google ads or Facebook ads worked better for your business?” Although it is not much, it gives us a brief idea on the effect and impact of both ads.



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