Choosing between a blog or a YouTube Channel?

If you are trying to choose between creating a blog or YouTube channel to make money online, how will you decide? A blog is more towards writing. Your ability to compose an interesting article or story determines the amount of money you can earn. A YouTube channel is about creating interesting video clips which people like to watch. Both ways have the potential to make money online. You just have to choose the one that favors you more. If you have the time and energy, you can try out both ways before deciding which method you like. If you own a blog, combination of both methods can be very rewarding. A blog is easier to start off because all you need is a laptop or desktop. A YouTube channel is a bit complicated because it involves creating video clips. Thus you need to get a video camera to start off. Although you can just use the video camera that comes along with your smartphone, the quality of the video clips created might not be good. It is advice to get a video camera if you are serious about making money on YouTube. You can make use of the video camera of your smartphone for practice before getting a video camera. Having good video camera does not guarantee your earning. You still have to learn how to produce video clips. That is a whole lot to learn before you can actually produce an attractive video clip that generates traffic and income. There are no rules or formula on how to generate income online. You can learn how others do it by googling it. Their experience and advice will be helpful but does not guarantee. You still have to try it out and test it out yourself. Creative is the key. You must have the mindset to explore and experiment.



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