Check Out The Effect of Google Plus Pages on Small Businesses

For the next couple of months, Google will be introducing some of the small businesses who have join Google Plus. The sharing is meant to see the effect of Google plus towards small businesses. We can also learn some tips and tricks form these small businesses on how to manage a Google Plus page. Check out the blog post title “Tell your business story with Google+ Pages” from Google Small Business Blog.

If you have a Facebook page for your blog, website or business, I’m sure you know the importance of having a Page. This goes the same as Google Plus Page. Having a Google Plus Page will have a great impact on search engine results. It definitely helps your blog, website or business visible on Google search. Check out the search results with and without signing in Google Plus account. You’ll see the differences. And if you click the +1 button on your Google Plus Page, you will notice a climb of the Google Plus Page in Google search result when signing in your Google account. Imagine the amount of traffic you’ll gain if you are able to capture lots of +1 click.

P/S: It will be much more interesting if our business is feature as one of the Google Plus stories. I’m sure traffic will increase drastically and it is a boost for business.



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