Changes on Google Search Engine which Affects Money Making Opportunities

I suppose many of us already sense the change on Google search engine particularly on the Page Rank issue. The Page Rank update schedule which many of us predicted did not happen. In fact many blogs or websites has been downgraded not just the page rank but also the search results ranking. We can see the effects by just monitoring the drop of traffic brought by Google search engine. Well, Google definitely has something going on and we’ll see lot more changes coming up later. According to the blog post title “Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update”, seems like Google starts to take action on blogs or websites which copy other’s content and with low quality content. In other words auto blogging, using free articles, reposting with other’s content and low quality content fill with specific keywords will be filter out by Google search engine.

Honestly, I think it’s just a matter of time when Google starts to take action on blogs or websites which brings no benefits to viewers but only digging for money. But still if one wishes to make money fast and easy, diving into the loophole is the way to do it. Surely there will be risk on getting Google account ban and it takes time to locate the loophole. This method can never last long and works only in a short period of time. Still many people willing to take the risk because compare to the old fashion honest way, it’s still worth it.

The problem with creating own unique content and following Google rules and regulation is that it takes far too long to see a profit. Many people just don’t have the time, energy and patient to do it. That is why people tend to take the risk and go for short cut. The worst thing that you’ll get is getting your Google Adsense account ban and lost all the work and effort. But still you can always start all over again with somebody else account or even different online advertising company just like Google Adsense.

Besides taking action towards low quality and spamming content, Google should also give credit for original unique content. It doesn’t have to be in money form but a simple recognition will do. Even if just giving out a small piece of candy bar for creating original unique content can be very encouraging. All we need is just some encouragement. Of cause at the end of the day we still hope to make some money from the original unique content we created.



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One Response to “Changes on Google Search Engine which Affects Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Roger says:

    Yeah, Google announced that officially in the middle of January and I think it took effect immediately, but I think only auto blogs and article directories are affected.