Chances of Grabbing Your Money Making Opportunities online

I’ve been introducing money making opportunities online for some time. It’s about 3 years of hard work in search for money making opportunities websites. I suppose I’ve gathered almost every possible methods and opportunities. But still that doesn’t mean you’ll definitely make money successfully after gone through all the opportunities I listed. Honestly, there is no guarantee. So the question is “What are your chances of grabbing your own money making opportunities that actually work?”

Before I answer that question, let’s take a look at an article from Yahoo Finance Title “How to Upgrade an Old Phone into a Porsche”. Basically the article tells the story of how 17 year old Steven Oritz gets himself a Porsche just by using an old cell phone. Well, he didn’t just trade directly to get the car. It took him 2 years with 14 trades to turn the old cell phone to Porsche. He spends five to six hours each day for 2 years searching Craigslist just to find the right trades. By the way, Craigslist is the largest classified ads online. It’s a big money making opportunities if you use it wisely. Unfortunately Craigslist works best if you stay in US.

Do you think you can pull the same trick as Steven Oritz and get yourself a Porsche? In my opinion, I think everybody can do it. All it takes is consistency, some dedication, time and hard work. I suppose you can actually trade something you like if you spend five to six hours a day searching Craigslist. Plus you need to do it for at least 1~2 years. If you can do that, what do you think your chances are in pursuit of money making opportunities online? Especially if you start in a young age and dedicate yourself to work on money making opportunities online for at least 4~5 years, eventually I think you have a very high chance of success.

Sounds easy? Well, there is no special trick or difficult task and its all simple steps you need to follow. The difficult part is doing simple things nonstop for a long time. Of cause there will be problems but there’s always a solution if you don’t give up easily. Take for example the case of Steven Oritz, I assume he did faced some problems before getting his Porsche. Just that he only share the good news instead of the bad news. One of the things that he might face while trading at Craigslist is scam issue. Steven Oritz has to be careful not to fall for it or he’ll lose the things he traded. The risk and problems are always there. We just have to be careful and solve it one by one. A risk over come or a problem solved is one step closer to success.

Finally, chances are it’s all up to you. As long as you don’t give up, you’ll always have a chance on grabbing your own money making opportunities online. What are your chances again? It’s never zero, and that consider good enough.



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