Can we sue Google if our site drops out from first page search result?

We heard a lot of complains from users about Google terminating publisher’s Adsense account, drop of Adsense earning or even drop of traffic due to search engine algorithm changes. I’m sure there are lots of people out there that do not like or frustrated with some of the decision made by Google. Especially when it involves online businesses or money, things can be really heat up. So if you are one of those entrepreneurs who thought about taking on giant online company like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft, check out this US drama call “The Good Wife” Specifically season 4 episode 3 title “Two Girls, One Code” It is actually the latest drama series that release recently on 14th Oct 2012.

Entrepreneurs, search engine, search algorithm, search engine optimization, website and blog are some of the familiar keywords that are discussed in the drama. As the drama is about a court case between two entrepreneurs and a search engine company, it is fun to watch. You might find some of the similarities which we often seen in real life. Imagine if we are able to sue Google for dropping our site from first page of search result, it might be fun. Of cause we have to win the court case.

P/S: I have to say this is the first court case in this drama that I can understand fully. It is refreshing to watch a search engine related topic appear in this drama.



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