Can money buy happiness?

Obviously the answer to that question is NO. But if you don’t have money, happiness might be a little bit difficult to find and maintain. Check out the blog post title “How Money Can Buy Happiness” from Yahoo Finance. The blog post listed 8 items which you can do if you have money.

  1. Fund a group activity
  2. Go on vacation
  3. Get tools and supplies for a hobby
  4. Buy a treadmill, or jump rope, or just some sneakers
  5. Buy a scrapbook or journal
  6. Spend money on systems
  7. Donate to a small and/or local charity
  8. Buy time

These are the things which you can do if you have extra money. But I think you still can be happy without doing all the above. I suppose the more appropriate question should be “How much money do we need in order to gain or stay happy?” As a blogger and a person trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, earning enough money to do the things that I like is the best answer. Of cause this includes the basic living standard like food and shelter. But this is just me as different people have a different definition of happiness. If you are trying to make money online, have you ever think about how much money you need to earn? Or basically you are just interested in blogging and pursuing for money making opportunities online without considering the amount of money you make.

In order to keep on blogging and pursuing for money making opportunities online, you still have to make enough money so that you can continue with your daily regular activity. This is one reality which we cannot ignore if we hope to keep on blogging and pursuit for money making opportunities online. Do some calculation and figure out the basic monthly earning required for basic expenses. Set it as your minimum target and start working towards it. Once you are able to achieve the minimum earning target, at least you can be sure that you can continue on with the blogging lifestyle.



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