Can I still make money online blogging?

If you are thinking about pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging, the first question that you might ask is “can I still be able to make money blogging”. The answer is YES but it is not going to be as easy as it used to be. The basic concept is still the same but you will have to apply some creative ways in order to make money online successfully. In other words, you need to find a way to gather readers or traffic.

Please take note that regardless of how good you are able to create your blog content, you are not going to make any money if nobody is reading it. Although we often said that content is king and we should focus on creating good quality content, there are other things that we should also work on in order to make money online successfully. I would suggest putting 50% effort on creating blog content and 50% on building traffic. This doesn’t mean you can sacrifice the quality of your blog content. Try to blog less but maintain the quality of your blog content.

So what kind of content you should write about? Although it depends on the type of audiences or traffic you are trying to attract, it is best to blog about the things that you are interested. The reason is simple. Readers will feel the same if you are blogging about things which you are not interested. That means your content is not interesting. Make sure that your content is trustworthy and don’t make up things which you are not sure or don’t know. A simple search online can easily determine if you are lying or not. Also make sure that your content is relevant. Make sure that your content is related to your blog topic. Put yourself in your readers’ position and read through your blog post before uploading them.

When it comes to traffic or gathering audiences, you have to work on social media online. That means you have to play around with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Myspace and etc. This is the part which tests your creativity of gathering followers or audiences. If you have no idea on how or where to start, check out what others are practicing and try to mimic them. Duplicate their method as long as it works. While doing so try to come out with other new methods and test it out. Gathering traffic or audiences might takes up a lot more time and effort than you think.



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