Can a blog about food gains lots of money making opportunities online?

Once in a while some of my friends come to me for advice regarding ideas on trying to make money online by blogging. As most of them are working with a full time job, the best ideas that they can come out with is blogging. Honestly, I just think that they are trying to find the simplest and easiest way to make some money online without taking up too much of their time and energy. Thus the discussion is always about the best topic to blog which has the most opportunity to make money online. One of the most popular topics which most of my friends are interested in blogging is food. (Honestly, I think any topic can make money online. You just have to know the right way to do it.)

No doubt a lot of people blog about food. Most of them are merely sharing their interest or hobby. But if you are trying to make money by blogging about food, it might need some extra work. Regardless of what topic you choose to blog, content and traffic are two important ingredients that help generate income. Blog content should be easy to produce as long as you are interested in food. You can basically blog about recipes, ingredients, food location, restaurant, hawkers, kitchen, chef, kitchen tools and many more. Don’t just write but try to include photos and videos into your blog. Some of my friends love to visit restaurants around and blog about food they tried. As long as the passion of blogging can continue for a long period of time with constant update, it should be fine. The second thing which needs to focus is the amount of traffic. In order to make money via blogging, you need a lot of traffic. Although there are a lot of ways to generate traffic, it will be best to just focus on one or two methods. If you are active in online social network such as Facebook, promote and introduce your blog to all your friends and network. Hopefully they will try to introduce your blog to their friends and network.

You can start apply for Google AdSense account after blogging for couple of months. Once Google approves your account, you can start making money by applying Google AdSense on your blog. This is one of the basic and simple ways to make money online. It doesn’t require much attention and you can just focus on creating blog content and traffic. There are many alternative ways to make money online via blogging too, but try not to rush. Doing too many things at once might not be a good idea. First, let’s just focus on creating more content and gather lots of traffic. Money making opportunities will come to you once your blog become popular.

I suppose this is the best way for those who have a full time job but still thinking of making money online via blogging. Keep things simple and make it a habit to write at least a blog post per week. Over time you will learn about lots of ways to make money online. Be patient and consistent with your blogging activity. You will eventually make money online at the end. The only question left is how much money you are able to make.



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