Business Tips Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Oprah

One of the biggest events in 2011 will be Oprah Winfrey’s exit from TV show. No doubt the queen of daytime television has built a successful empire and chooses the right time to step down and make a change in her career. I suppose almost everybody around the world heard about the name Oprah. She has hosted 4560 shows within 25 years. That’s about 15 shows per month or about 1 show every 2 days. If we are going to write 4560 blog post within 25 years, it should not be difficult to produce one good quality post within two days. I’m just saying if we compare the effort of producing the show and writing blog post, it should be a lot easier being a blogger. So if we can apply the business tips we learn from Oprah, we shouldn’t take more than 25 years to produce 4560 blog post and become success. Check out the blog post title “7 Tips Your Business Can Learn From Oprah” from Inc. Below are 7 tips listed in the blog post:

  • Give back to your fans. This is the most common method that widely used by bloggers. You may give out things for free online to attract readers, but it will be better to ask for simple things in return like subscribing RSS feeds or a simple link back to your blog.
  • Take risk and get attention. As this method is a bit dangerous, we don’t see many bloggers using this method. But still, no risk, no gain.
  • Explore new verticals. This is the thing which almost every bloggers are trying to catch. New ideas or new verticals are the best way to achieve success and are constantly needed to maintain success.
  • Reveal your personal story. This is the method which allows bloggers to get close to readers. But still there is no guarantee this method always work. It depends on the situation and condition.
  • Get celebrities on your side. Bloggers don’t actually have to get celebrities but a successful well known blogger will do. A written interview or an online audio interview with popular bloggers can produce the same effects.
  • Become an influencer. Having the ability to influence your readers can very well market any products. When your blog has reached that kind of status, business opportunities will come to you.
  • Know when to quit. Blogging is the thing which you can quit any time you want. If your mind is still functioning clearly and your fingers still able to press those buttons, why stop.



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