Building your brand with AdSense

It takes time to build your brand, sometimes a long time. But it takes just a second to destroy your brand. Check out the blog post title “AdSense 101: Building your brand” from Google Inside AdSense. It really takes a lot of time and effort to build a quality brand. This is the reason why some companies take good care of their brand after surviving for more than 10 years.

Having Google AdSense around while trying to build and maintaining your brand can be difficult. Your audiences are here because of the content. Google AdSense is not part of your content. The advertisement is there for you to make money. Although your audiences are able to understand the purpose of having Google AdSense around, they might not be able to bear with the ads interfering their reading. Especially when audiences are required to move around the site in order to get to the content, they might just choose to search for other similar sites. Remember that you are not the only site which has good quality content and brand.

It is better to make less money form Google AdSense rather than having to lose your brand. If you are hoping to make more money online or increasing your revenue, don’t increase the number of ads. Focus on increasing quality content and traffic instead.



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