Building a search engine still generates money making opportunities

I discuss and introduce 100 search engines on my previous blog post. It seems like people are still creating search engines despite the domination of 3 big search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. Well, it’s a huge market and these search engines still unable to provide the needs completely. At long as they haven’t satisfied each and every one of the people in the world, you still have a change to create your own search engine and make money out from it. Check out the blog post title “With nothing to lose, two Indian college kids solve a medical problem, get Sequoia backing, wow Singapore” from Yahoo news. The two kids are able to make a success by creating a search engine for patients to search for a doctor by location and make an appointment. Although the search engine coverage is small which only covers certain area in India and Singapore, the responds seems to be good.

So how did they beat Google, Yahoo and Bing? From my understanding, I think the 3 search engines coverage is general. And if you take a good look at Google, their focus is mainly on US. Any new features introduce mostly start off in US and spread to the rest of the world next. That is why we seen success on several search engine created in other countries solely for they own usage purposes. Baidu from China is a good example. If you are hoping to create your own version of search engine too, try to be practical and think small scale. Identify something which the people in your country will always check out and look for. Help them find what they want easily and you will have a good search engine structure. Perhaps a search engine for hotels, homestay, motel, etc. can be a good idea.



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