Breaking Traditional Money Rules to Keep Good Financial Status

Rules are meant to break. That’s what I always heard when I was a kid. Once you start working and put yourselves into society, you’ll get yourself chain with lots of rules and regulation. It is natural to feel safe if you keep a clean record of following rules. But that’s just a sense of false reading about safe and security created by the action of following rules. We are all raise and train to follow rules so that things can be done and carry out easily, especially for people who manages certain things.

I’m not saying we should break the rules. I’m just saying we need to know the reason why we follow the rules. Honestly we shouldn’t blindly follow rules without knowing the purpose and reasons behind it. It is always easier to follow without thinking but not unless you have lots of things to consider. When you need to consider and make decisions related to money, retirement fund, career, partner for life and happiness, you need to think twice below following any rules blindly.

Check out the blog post title “Four Traditional Money Rules to Break” from Yahoo Finance and you may pick up some important points to ease your financial status in current economic situation. You’ll learn few tricks about 401(k) loans, Roth IRAs, Mortgages and Credit Cards. It is said the most dangerous spot is the safest place. You’ll just have to find the right spot. Plus, you have to know the game to play the game and to win the game. First you need to survive. Next you can try to make it a better life.



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