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If you already start blogging and determine to make at least $100 per year, instead of just creating content, you need to learn how to brand your blog. Especially if you are trying to build an online business by blogging or pursuing for money making opportunities online, branding makes your business stand out within competitors. Branding is not just about the logo or image created to represent your business. It is about everything that you did with your blog and the way you interact with readers. It is basically the image or identity that you are trying to create so that customers or readers remember or understand who you are.

The first important step in branding is to deliver a clear message about the topic of your blog. Basically you need to let your customers or readers understand what you are trying to convey. Take for an example when we look at NIKE’s logo, we know that it is sports related. Remember to keep it simple and easy to understand. Especially when you are blogging, visitors are from all ages around the world.

When it comes to branding, social network usually is the best place to share and introduce your blog. Facebook, Google +, Twitter and MySpace are some of the popular social network sites that you can fully make use. But remember that if you do not have time to participate in social network, pick just one site. Build your followers and interact with people who have similar interest with the topic of your blog. Either it is writing blog posts, replying emails or interacting with your followers on social network, try to be consistent. That means don’t go missing or offline without any notice for more than a week. Some readers or customers might just assume that you’ve given up blogging.

And finally have a voice or opinion. It really doesn’t matter which side that you choose. Just pick a side and state your mind. Standing on the fence not choosing a side will not add points on your brand. It is the same as in a movie. Only the good and evil characters will be notice and remember by audiences.



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