Blogging towards people or blogging towards search engine

Lately I’ve been thinking about the style or the concept of my blogging. There are 2 ways of blogging style that I know. The first is targeting people as your readers. That means you don’t have to worry about search engine optimization and just work on attracting readers. In this case, you’re actually expecting people to come back to your site or blog. Which means readers are the ones that spreading the words about your blog or site and they are the ones that increasing your money making opportunities.

The second method is blog towards search engine and don’t care about the readers. When you have done enough search engine optimization, search engine will bring traffic to your blog or site. You don’t expect return readers as the search engine will always get you fresh new readers. That means you’re depending on the search engine for traffic and they are the one that leads you towards opportunities of money making online.

If possible I wanted to include both methods into my blogging style. Unfortunately things are not as what we expected. My goal is to earn enough money online for a living. Choosing the right way to suit myself on my blogging journey is crucial. The question is which method is best for me. I have been bug by this question ever since I read a post from Grizzly’s How to Make Money Online for Beginners title SEO Software and Link Building. First of all I’m not famous. Secondly my SEO knowledge is not good, and my earning online is way beyond my goal. Well, at least I’m honest about my situation and know where I stand.

Going back to the question, I doubt that the first method works for me as English is not my first language. The only way that I can achieve my goal is definitely by the second method, which is maximizing the traffic using SEO. Blog for the search engine might be the best way for me to reach my goal but it seems to be a bit lonely without interacting with people. So finally I decided to put priority on the search engine and if there is time I’ll work on people interacting. If I just work towards search engine only to earn money online, I think I might not able to keep on doing it for long. If I’m going to make a living making money online it has to be fun at the same time. Only then I’ll have the momentum and interest to keep on doing it, but first I have to make sure that I can earn enough money to survive. After that comes the question of maintaining and keep on doing it.

Have you ever think of this question before? Which methods really suit you the best?



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4 Responses to “Blogging towards people or blogging towards search engine”

  1. Fish Recipe says:

    I have thought about it before, and I do believe that it is possible to find a happy median, to suit both the Search Engines and the Readers of your blog.

    I think the first method is something really unrealistic, especially if you aren’t able to Market yourself. Without the Search engines, if you just really on your writing it won’t get any where.

  2. Kumo says:

    True. Either way it won’t be easy but still lots of people done it.

  3. I prefer playing both, blogging towards people and search engines. Because it would give a tremendous high targeted traffic for long term perspective.

  4. Kumo says:

    I’m going for both too. Trying to maintain a balance is the hard part.