Blogging to attract human audience is totally different from attracting search engine

The best example probably is Wikipedia. No doubt Wikipedia receive a high search ranking from Google search engine. But nobody actually read Wikipedia unless they are trying to confirm or gather certain information. It is not a site which people will hang out and find interesting readings to kill time. Basically it is just the same as the thick heavy encyclopedia which we found in the library.

The next question is whether we create our blog to attract live human audience or search engine. Which is best when it comes to pursuit for money making opportunities online? I will say either way works well if you found the right method to do so. You can even try mixing up both methods to suit live audiences and search engine too. But it will require a lot of work and tuning. Keywords, numbers, detail analysis and Wikipedia writing style is best to attract search engine algorithm. It is more like writing a thesis of 10 thousand words. If you are targeting live human audience, simple and easy reading is best. It is best to keep the post short around 500 words which takes about few minutes to read. Especially if you are targeting mobile users, they don’t really have the patient to read a blog post which requires them to flip multiple times.

Either way is fine if you are able to attract readers and gain traffic. Remember the main focus is to make money online via blogging. Getting a lot of traffic is the first step. You still have to figure out a way to convert traffic into hard cold cash.



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