Blogging is easy but not making money via Blogging

Blogging is actually a very simple and easy activity. Blogging can be a hobby which people do it for fun or to voice out their opinion, share knowledge and interact with readers from all over the world online. But if you are trying to make money via blogging, it becomes something much more complicated. First of all your mindset towards blogging will change totally. From the first day that we decided to make money via blogging, our main goal is to make money and trying to maximize our revenue. Thus blogging becomes an activity that we need or have to do instead of just a hobby that we do whenever we like or whatever we feel doing it. The sense of responsibility and pressure will be included when money is involved. You will feel that the characteristic of blogging changes. You will feel that blogging is more like running a business or a full time job that needs to handle seriously.

Once you have set your mind properly to make money via blogging, the next step is to start planning on how you are going to make money by blogging. Please be reminded that money will not flow into your pocket if you simply just focus on writing blog posts. As you already treat blogging as a small business or a full time job, you need to figure out a way to make use of blogging so that people will pay you. What are the needs and demands online? What kind of services or products that you can provide? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself. Relying on selling ads alone is not going to be enough to pay for your blog hosting service. I suppose most bloggers who try or tried to make money online will agree on that. Only a very small percentage of bloggers in the world manage to generate enough traffic to their blog and makes a descend income by selling ads. If you are just starting to make money by blogging, you have to do a lot more work than just selling ads in order to survive. You can either pick a product or provide a service online and start promoting or blogging about it. One of the best sites to pick a product and start promoting it is If you decided to sell a service instead of promoting products, I will suggest selling your writing services. You may start off by selling your writing service at

As you are just at the beginning stage of trying to make money by blogging, don’t confuse or distract yourself with other advices or information gather from other blogs. Learn to walk properly before you try to run. Remember that making money via blogging is a small business just like any other offline business. Only business that makes money can consider as successfully, even though the amount of money earn is small. Once you have successfully done that, then only start considering about expanding your blogging activity and try increasing your revenue. Do it one step at a time. But make sure that every step taken is solid and foundation is built properly. And remember that it is all begins from blogging.



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