Blogging is about YOU not just about making money

Even if the title of your blog is “Earning Money Blogging”, most people who decided to make a second visit to the site are not because of the information that you provided but because of who you are. As information travels in the speed of light, the guide of making money blogging can be found easily. All you need to do is type in the words “Earning Money Blogging” and you’ll get tons of site and blog that fill with free method and guide. So the question is which site or blog should check out. Which of the site or blog can be trusted? How true are their stories? As there are so many site of blog with title “Earning Money Blogging”, what makes a site or blog so special that worth the time and energy to revisit? There are so many choices out there and why should readers stay on a particular site or blog?

All of the above questions always in my mind ever since I started blogging. Especially for the question “What makes your blog so special that I should bookmark it and revisit it the next day?” Even if you’re able to write something unique or something new on “Earning Money Blogging”, still how many new or unique ideas that you can come out. Plus you might not be the only one to come out with great ideas. So how exactly can you keep up with the title “Earning Money Blogging” if you’re only talking about methods or new unique way of making money blogging? I’m sure you’ll end up staring at the monitor without typing any post pretty soon.

The solution, try include yourself into the blog. That means it’s not just “Earning Money Blogging” but “Me and Earning Money Blogging”. You can include your opinion, feelings, personal favorite or even jokes into your blog to make it more interesting and alive. A blog that only lecture about “Earning Money Blogging” is just too boring and dull. Just check out some of the famous blogger around like John Chow, ShoeMoney or ProBlogger and you’ll find that they talk about themselves and things that happened around them too.



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5 Responses to “Blogging is about YOU not just about making money”

  1. Its true there is flood of information on the internet and getting it in a chronological order for a newbie can be challenge.But people who write there experience about their experiment with new ideas are the one to hunted for. Finding out famous bloggers and the style which suits you perfectly can be challenging but rewarding.

  2. Kenya S. says:

    Great post! It always held true: People don’t join opportunities, people join people. People don’t want to come to your blog if you are always talking about your business. As you’ve said, they can get that information a number of other places on the internet. Its funny that Social Networking is comprised of the most anti social people in the world, however, we want to feel as though we are the most social. So we not only want to know how you made that money, but what you bought your kids when you got the money, and what you ate that night for dinner. We want to get to know the person we are joining in an opportunity, not just more regurgitated information about the opportunity itself.

    When more people realize this, we will have a great deal more “Marketers”, and way less “Spammers”

  3. Kumo says:

    I suppose if you’re able to make the readers ask “What’s he up to now?” will certainly bring them back again. At the end, it’s about the people, not about the earning.

  4. This is definitely true. If you want to earn money online, you can start blogging. But we have to remember to be natural in our blogs, we have to be real. Including our opinions about a topic is great because people can relate to it so make sure that you choose a topic that you are interested in.

  5. I enjoyed reading your post. great information. we can absolutely learn from this.