Blogging is about sharing

If you are hoping to make money online via blogging, you have to learn how to share before you start making any money. When it comes to sharing, it is not about giving out valuable information or knowledge. It is basically telling what’s in your mind. It can be something good, bad, happy or sad. People don’t come to your blog because of knowledge and information. There are a lot of serious official website which can provide better knowledge and faster information than you can. So don’t try to beat them. What you can really do is make use of the knowledge and information provided by these official websites and shares your opinion and thoughts. People will love to see what you got to say about anything. Of cause you can still restrict your blog on a specific topic. A simple common topic which people often talk and discuss about will definitely attract a lot of readers.

I’m sure you have many things to share everyday as long as your mind is still working fine. The only question which you have to consider is that “Is it alright to share this on my blog?” In other words, you definitely are capable of producing a blog post every day. Your problem is finding the right words to construct your thoughts which are suitable to post it on your blog. Just consider the blog as a medium to communicate with your readers. At the end of the day you are basically just having a conversation with your readers. You don’t have to show off your language power or brilliant concept. You just need to make people understand what’s in your mind.



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