Blogging for Quality Instead of Quantity for 2013

When I initially starting to pursuit for money making opportunities online by blogging, I focused on the quantity of blog posts produced instead of quality. My purpose was trying to get familiar with writing and lots of practice in order to make me a better writer. This was when poor quality content or page was not a burden for overall site quality. When Google started to make poor quality content or page as a factor that affects site ranking on search engine results and traffic, there is absolutely no room for poor quality content and pages. It is like cancer cells in the body which we need to get rid of as soon as possible before it starting to make further damages. This is one of the reasons why I decided to clean up my blog by deleting low quality blog posts and pages.

For 2013, I will be focus more towards writing high quality content rather than producing minimum blog post required that I’ve scheduled. In other words, producing one blog post per day is not my priority any more. If I do not have a good topic to blog about or unable to produce high quality content, I might skip by daily routine of releasing a blog post a day.

Google search engine algorithm is constantly evolving and upgrading. In order to keep up with the rapid changing, we too must continue to improve ourselves and keep on evolving. After years of writing or blogging, it is time to make some changes. The first step on the first day of 2013 will be tuning my concept towards writing for quality instead of quantity. Producing good quality content and blog post requires lots of effort and time.



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