Blogging for fun or blogging to make money online?

Blogging for fun alone should be easier than blogging to make money online. When we are blogging for fun we can basically blog freely without any restriction or rules. But when we are trying to make money blogging, there will be some restriction and style of blogging which we need to follow. When we are trying to make money blogging, it is more than just having fun but actually consider as a job or business. So the question is can we make money blogging and still having fun?

I suppose this is the same as trying to discover and have fun in any other job. Obviously there will be some part of activities that we don’t like but we just have to do it in order to make money. But as long as you are able to find some part of your job interesting and fun, you should be able to continue working for a long time. In fact I think it is much better to have a mixture of activities that you like to do and don’t like to do in your job. It keeps you from getting bored. If you keep on doing the same fun activities for a long time, it won’t be much fun anymore when you did it thousand times. You need to do some other different activities to keep or maintain your interest to keep on doing the things that you like.

If you are not having fun making money blogging, you might not be able to continue doing it for long. And if you are not having fun, your readers will definitely feel it. Your feeling will reflect directly in your writing and blogging. Thus it won’t be good especially if you are trying to make money blogging.



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