Blogging can be very simple if you are just sharing your daily thoughts

Every day the moment we wake up in the morning, our brains will start functioning. Or perhaps some of us need coffee to really start waking up. We might be slow at the beginning but things will start moving smooth and faster when worming up. If you are told to blog about your thoughts every morning when you wake up, will it be something interesting to read? Probably not. I suppose the only thing which you can share might just be your dream. This is normal because you don’t have much input to generate a good interesting quality blog post. It will be hard to blog about what you did yesterday because a lot of details will be forgotten after a good night sleep. Thus the best way to do this is by scheduling your blogging period to night time right before you go to sleep. This way you can blog about the things you experience during the day. Basically the blog posts produced will be a compilation of the work that you have done in a day together with your thoughts. It is similar to writing daily dairy and sharing it to the world. This is the way you should be blogging. Try to make this practice a habit so that you can produce at least a blog post per day. One of the reasons of having one blog post per day is keeping in touch with your readers. You can try to blog about a specific topic which is related to your daily work. It will be easy to generate content since you are dealing with the topic every day. Only by then you will be able to keep on blogging for a long time.



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