Blogging at home might not be a good idea?

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, it might not be a good idea to blog at home. Especially if you already turning your blog into a work place where you try to earn a living with it, blogging at home might not be as efficient as it can be.

Home is a place where you rest and stays relax. So if you are trying to work from home, you might have problems tuning into your working mood. Especially if you are trying to blog on your bed wearing pajamas, you might fall asleep easily. It is true that working at home is really comfortable and relaxing. The work pressure is less and you get to save a lot of money from traveling, cloths, food and other expenses. But if you are unable to switch to working mood and complete the work tasks at home, home is not a place that you can do your work.

The first rule to work at home is discipline. Unfortunately not everybody is able to control it nicely. Especially if you are just at the beginning stage of trying to work from home, it can be difficult to adjust your working mood and mindset. If you are having difficulties staying focus trying to complete your work at home, suit up and bring your work to other location. Try bringing your work to a coffee shop with internet access which has fewer customers. It might not have the feeling of “office” but at least it is not a comfort zone which you are familiar with. Blogging or doing your work at a coffee shop can increase your productivity and efficiency.

I need to complete my work as soon as possible so that I can go back home. I better finish my work before the coffee shop closes. If I don’t complete my work soon, I’ll have to order another cup of coffee. These are some of the thoughts that might run through your head while working in the coffee shop. Indirectly it will force you to stay focus and complete your work as soon as possible. Have you ever had the same thoughts while bringing your work to a coffee shop?



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