Blogging about problems and solutions?

Blogging is fun if there are a lot of things in your mind which you can’t wait to get it out to your audience. But if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities via blogging, the topics of your blog has to be specific and focus. If you are searching for interesting topics to blog about, perhaps you can try to think about topics related to problems and solutions. These are the kind of topics which most people will be interested because it helps to improve their lifestyle.

You can blog about problems and solutions which we encounter daily. Identifying problems should be easier than providing solutions. If you are unable to work on both side, you can be more specific by blogging only either problems or solutions. A blog which focus on identifying problems should be interesting. Sometimes problems only arise when we perform the activities. Sometimes problems can only be seen when we look from a different angle. Sometimes problems will only appear after several years. This is actually an interesting topic to discuss because we are able to forecast or predict the possibility of problems within.

If you choose to blog about solutions, this can be a difficult task. It is not an easy work to provide an effective solution. It takes time, energy and patient to come out with suitable solution. Thus I won’t be expecting you to provide all the solutions yourself. A better way to blog about solutions is to search for solutions content online. Obviously there are a lot of solutions provided online and you can make use of them. Your blog can be a platform to verified the solutions and provide your own opinion.

If you are not interested in blogging, perhaps you can become a YouTuber and create video clips with similar topics. Videos which focus on identifying problems or verifying solutions should be interesting to watch.



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