Blog when you have something to say and break when you have nothing in your mind

Blogging is about writing out the things in your mind or voicing out your thoughts. It’s not just information or thoughts that readers are trying to figure out from the words, but more importantly the feeling while the person is blogging. So if you have nothing in mind or nothing special to blog about, the feeling of emptiness will transmit through the words. If you are excited about the topic that you are writing, the blog post presented will eventually emitting the feeling of excitement. I think this is one of the interesting parts of reading blogs.

There is a problem if we choose to blog when only we have something to say. We might not be able to write a blog post a day. Sometimes we might not have anything to say in a week. We can’t predict when Inspiration and thoughts will come to mind. It is impossible to produce something which we have no control. But there is one solution that we can apply to overcome this situation. When we have something to say or thoughts to blog, try not to restrict the length or amount of words written. Just keep on writing as much as possible and continue expand the content as long as possible. Usually when you have something exciting to blog about, few thousand words of content can be easily produced. Once you have finally put a full stop on your content, go through it again and try to perform proofreading. Break the long blog post into several short blog posts of about 500 words each. Don’t release all the blog posts at once. Try to schedule and release one blog post per day. In other words, you are actually producing several blog posts at once. If your blog is schedule to release one blog post per day, which means you already prepare several days of blog posts instantly. This blogging method is much better because you don’t have to write one blog post every day. You probably just need to write your content once or twice a week and split the content evenly to seven days of blog posts or as many blog post as you can. It actually helps to reduce the pressure of trying to produce one blog post every day. I think this helps to create better quality content as there is more time to research and think about the content.



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