Blog like you are telling a story

No doubt you will get a pretty high ranking from search engine if you stuff your blog with facts, numbers and statistics. But this method might not favor readers because it is boring. If you think about it from a different point of view, an interesting blog post might not rank well by search engine. So it can be difficult and frustrating to decide either to favor search engine or readers.

I used to blog according to search engine algorithm by including lots of facts, numbers and statistics. I even try to use rare difficult words which we normally don’t use while having conversation. The blog post written feels more like a Wikipedia page rather than a normal blog post. As a result my blog actually gain a higher ranking from search engine. It was very motivating to see a positive effect but unfortunately it does not last long. Everything changes when Google began to update or improve their search engine algorithm.  After that it was back to the starting point again. Most important of all this blogging method or writing style is actually kind of boring. You need to do a lot of research and calculate the keywords used while constructing your content. It felt more like writing a research paper or thesis. The fun part of blogging began to fade away. Blogging is fun when you are able to write freely without having any restriction. If you are hoping to pursuit for money making opportunities online for a long period of time via blogging, it is very important to make it fun.

One way to make it fun is to write your blog post like a story. The question is how to tell an interesting story which attracts readers. Check out blog post title “How Storytelling Helps Business Connect With Customers and Drive Growth” from Entrepreneur. It is easy to write a story but it might take some time and effort to write an interesting story that attracts people.



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