Blog it out if you have something to say

Blog is actually a place to voice out your thoughts and opinion. But if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, your thoughts and opinion might just not enough. You have to pitch in other stuff such as videos, audios, infographic, data, statistic, graphs and any other materials that can improve the quality of your blog. Your audiences might not be interested with the boring science and data, but the search engine do. Unfortunately you will have to work hard to please both your audience and the search engine if you are hoping to make money online via blogging.

Your blog actually represents you. People get to know you better by reading your blog. There are a lot of things that you can say it out loud in your blog than speaking to a person directly or giving a presentation to a crowd. In fact, I think you can voice out your thoughts and opinion better in a blog because you get to think and choose the words carefully before letting it out. Even when you make a mistake or wrote a poor blog post, you can always update and improve the blog post any time you want. You can revise it until you are satisfied and have nothing more to say about it. So don’t be afraid to blog it all out.



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