Blog is like a story?

Blog is like a story. You just have to make it interesting enough for people to read. Blog is like a book. How do you make others pick up your book and start reading? Regardless of how interesting your book or blog is you have to create an impression on the front cover. People also have to know the existence of your blog. It may sound simple but it is not if you are planning to make money blogging. You won’t make a lot of money if you are only focus on creating content or blog post. There are basically 3 important parts which you need to work on every day in order to make money online blogging successfully. First you have to find a way to introduce your blog to as many people as you can. One of the methods is making use of online social media like Facebook and Twitter. Second step is making people read your blog. This can be done by creating an appealing impression on the front cover. This means the first initial page which people landed on your blog has to be interesting enough to trigger them to read your blog post. Finally you have to create good quality content which attracts people to come back and check out your blog again and again. Does this sound like the making of a story book? Perhaps it is more like producing a television drama. It really is a business which depends on the number of people who likes it or not. Thus it actually requires a lot of work every day for a long period of time. Even the popular television drama “Game of Thrones” took several years to build up the number of viewers.



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