Blog is a platform to compile your thoughts

In my opinion, blog is actually a diary. You can actually write and talk about anything that you like. The only difference is that it is an open diary which everybody around the world can read it. A blog can be personal but not private. It is a platform which allows you to share your thoughts and receive responds from those who read it. Good news is that creating a blog is free and anybody is able to blog about anything, almost anything.

So what are the benefits of having a blog if you are not trying to make money online out from it? Since the very basic of blogging is about sharing your thoughts, you will have to compile your thoughts and try to present it using the words you know. Is it difficult trying to write the things in your mind? Honestly, it is very difficult. You may think that you have written an interesting blog post which represented your thoughts. Unfortunately not everybody can understand what you have written completely. Even if you have tried very hard to use simple and easy words, different culture and personality may interpret a simple word into multiple meaning. This is the main reason which we need to blog. We will never knew how others think and responds to our thoughts if we never blog about it. We might not know if a simple word can be interpreted into multiple meaning if others do not comment about it. When we share, others will share too. Blog has become a platform to communicate and learn.

Your knowledge, thoughts and ideas in your mind will not benefit others and yourself if you don’t share it out. If you are able to share it out on a blog, thus you have no problem sharing out with people around you. In other words, blogging is actually a good practice to share the things in your mind in a much easy understanding way. Do you know how many unfortunate misunderstanding cases happen in the world every day?



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