Beware of Scam Emails Offers Money for Your Info to set up Bank Account

Do you often receive emails asking for your help to transfer a large amount of money? The email mostly claims that he/she is a top management bank officer who needs to borrow your personal information to setup a bank account and transfer money from a country to another country. In return you will be given 5%~20% of the larger amount money transferred. I think many of you have been receiving this kind of email for some time. I get this kind of email everyday and I was wondering why this email continue to send out so frequently for such a long time. At first I was thinking that they might just scam for personal info and sell it. Then one day I saw this article at Yahoo News title FTC Says Scammers Stole Millions, Using Virtual Companies and I figure this might be the reason of all these scam emails.

It appears that a wise guy has been charging a small amount of money from millions of credit card number obtained. Although it’s just a small amount of charges below $10, millions of credit cards transaction can still able to gather until as much as millions of dollars. That’s what we call if you gather enough quantity it still makes a big impact. The scam seems like had been running for about four years. The fact that people are not aware is because each time the charges impose is just a small amount of money. Not many people aware of it. Even if people notice it, still the small amount of money is not worth the trouble to complain. Once the money gathered reaches certain amount, scammers moved the money out from US with the help of US residents. According to the article above scammers used spam email messages to recruit US residents to move money offshore. They were under the impression that they were helping offshore businesses. Sounds familiar? Yup that sounds just like the scam email that we often received.

The reason that I wanted to share this is because I think the scam email we received is very attractive. All we need is to provide some of our personal info to setup a bank account and help to transfer money. The reward will be a certain percentage of a large amount of money. Again I like to remind you all it might be part of a big scam discuss above. In worst case your personal info might be sold to others for illegal activities.

Base on the case above, there are few things that I’m concern which related to my pursuit of money making opportunities. First thing is that credit card numbers seems to be easily obtained or purchased online. That means your credit card numbers can be easily expose or stolen. If you’re using credit cards to shop online, please be very cautious. Second is that I think there should be more than one person who are using this scam method. In fact I think many scammers already been practicing similar method all around the world. I suppose we need to check through all our transaction carefully each time we get our credit card statement.

P/S: If you’re into money making opportunities online, surely you’ll encounter lots of scam activities. Apart of avoiding these traps, we need to inform and teaches people around us. I suppose that is call “Help you help me.”



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4 Responses to “Beware of Scam Emails Offers Money for Your Info to set up Bank Account”

  1. Maya says:

    Its crazy how many scams there are. Its becoming harder and harder to know who and what to trust. Its very important to take precautions, but the main problem is people aren’t educated enough to know what to do. The second someone sees an offer for money, their brain tells them to take it.

    Great post, with great information.

  2. David says:

    All of these scams make the internet a very scarey place. Thanks for the informative blog. I like the fact that its too follow, too.

  3. Roger says:

    If I was getting a dollar from the scam emails that I am getting I will be rich. I think Nigerian scam started exactly after dot com boom.

  4. Kumo says:

    Lately I received scam emails about World of Warcraft account notification. I guess this online game has become too popular.