Beware of Google Copyright Infringement

Lately Google announced an update on their search algorithms which taking account on the number of valid copyright removal notices received. That means if your site is using copyrighted material without authorization, you might be penalized. One of the effects which you will witness is the drop of site ranking or removing of site index. Once this happens, the next thing that you will see is a drop in site earning. So if you are trying to make use of other people’s work or material, make sure you are doing it right. Check out the blog post title “Policy Tips: Avoiding Copyright Infringement” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. The blog post explains briefly about what’s copyrighted. It also mentioned that publishers are not allowed to show ads alongside copyrighted material without authorization. And that includes placing links to other sites that making use of copyrighted material without authorization too.

In order to make money successfully, we are encourage to create original content. But sometimes we tend to make use of other materials and link to other pages by giving credits in return. We might be violating Google Adsense program polices without knowing so. Although publishers are urge to study and understand Adsense policy and copyright infringement issues before placing any Google Adsense ads, how many people actually doing it?  In most cases publishers will just go ahead by applying commonsense rules. Most publishers tend to learn up only when receiving warning emails from Google. Hopefully it won’t be too late.



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