Better Mobile ads Increase Earnings

Just like any other types of advertisements, the goal of mobile ads is to draw attention and make sales. We have seen ads on TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and even huge banner on buildings. How many of these advertisements that you’ve seen really caught your attention and successfully persuade you to make a purchase? Different types of platforms require different design, tuning and consideration in order to create successful ads which convert. This goes the same with mobile ads. As the platform of mobile ads is still new, advertisers are still trying to design the best ads which fit into the small screen of mobile phones. Check out the blog post title “How To Make Mobile Ads Better (Hint: Don’t Start With The Design!)” from MediaPost. You can learn some tips on how to create better mobile ads.

History has proven that it takes a while for an advertising medium to find its way.

I truly agreed with the above statement. In fact this is good news as mobile ads platform is still at the early stage of learning curve. That means there are lots of money making opportunities online in mobile ads field. You just have to find or discover the best way to create mobile ads which catches users attention and able to convert sales. Creating mobile ads that catches attention is easy. This is the first step. The second step is trying to make money by converting sales. That is the hardest part of creating successful mobile ads. I suppose this is the same as other advertisement platforms.



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