Best Time to Pursuit for Money Making Opportunities

When is the best time to pursuit for money making opportunities? My answer for this question will always be now. If you really have this intention, choosing the right time to get started is just an excuse. Especially when your goal is to become a millionaire or billionaire, now is the time to get started. Check out the blog post title “Don’t Worry, Be Wealthy: Easiest Time Ever to Make Millions, Author Siebold Says” from Yahoo Finance as Siebold explains why now is the best time to get rich.

According to the blog post, global wealth hit a record $121.8 trillion high in 2010 or $20 trillion above pre-recession levels and the number of millionaire households jumped from 12.2% to about 12.5 million. In other words there are more people becoming millionaire or getting rich even recession hits. It is true that opportunities arise when there are problems. The one who is able to solve the problem and provide solution will make money. Just like in the stock market. You don’t make much money when the market is stable and calm. You can only make lots of money when there is a huge fluctuation in the stock market. The hard part of catching the money making opportunities is finding the solution to the problem. Once you have the solution, everything else is easy because you have all the tools like internet, smartphone, laptop, marketing strategy and other resources to take it to the top. This is why everybody has the chance to become millionaire or billionaire because all you need to do is figure out the solution to one of the problems.

The first step to become a millionaire is to think like a millionaire. Below are some of the words regarding millionaire mindset from Siebold which I think very interesting and meaningful.

  • Wealthy people look at money in positive terms and as an opportunity, where as most of us live in fear of being laid off or not having enough money for retirement.
  • Instead of worrying about running out of money, soon to be millionaires are thinking how to make more money. World-class performers are finding problems that are profitable to solve. They know that just because a solution hasn’t been discovered yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  • Millionaires tend to move towards what they want, rather than move away from what they don’t want, which is what the masses most often do.
  • World-class thinkers have the guts to be optimistic right now in these shaky times and reject the middle-class cynicism that plagues the masses. It’s not comfortable for a millionaire in the making to forge ahead when everyone around him or her is negative, cynical and unsupportive, yet the great ones push forward and are rewarded with riches for the rest of their lives.

P/S: A part of all that mention above, we also need to be hard working, have faith and strong determination to make it to the millionaire circle. Do you want to be part of the circle?




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One Response to “Best Time to Pursuit for Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Ross says:

    The best time was about 15 years ago, but the 2nd best is now. Trying to make more money can be 2nd priority. For me the recipe is to do what I like and the money are always coming to me.