Best things to sell for 2015 Christmas

Since we are going to prepare the great big sales for this Christmas and New Year season, let us take a look at some of the things that we can try to sell online. Although some of the suggestions are my personal opinion, I do take the effort to research online for products most people purchase online.

  • Star Wars related items

This is mostly due to the release of Star Wars movie 7 on 18 December 2015. Fans around the world will be making Star Wars the main focus for this holiday season. So people around the world will be participating in this hottest event for 2015. So anything related to Star Wars will be a best Christmas present. This includes couple of movie tickets for Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens.

  • Disney’s Frozen related toys

Frozen is still the hottest animation movie even after so long since the release of the movie. Just check out YouTube and witness the crazy number of views for any short video clips related to Frozen. Unless we have another animation which is a bigger hit than Frozen, Idina Menzel will continue to persuade fans to let it go.

  • Video games such as Metal Gear Solid and Call of Duty

Video games are always on the top list when it comes to online shopping. In fact most of the games currently are sold online digitally without any physical appearance. Gamers simply just download them directly to their smartphone, computer or game console.

  • Smartphone such as IPhone 6S and related items such as casing

When millions of smartphone users around the world are using iPhone, anything related to IPhone eventually become one of the hottest product sold online. An IPhone casing will always serve as a great Christmas present. But make sure that the person is using IPhone.

  • Tablet devices such as Ipad and related items such as casing

This goes the same as IPhone. Instead of getting a physical gift, software too can serve as a great gift. Microsoft office or other presentation related software for IPad can be a great gift for heavy IPad user.

  • Air filter and air Moisturizer

If you are staying in South East Asia, an air filter will serve as a great gift. Especially if you are staying in Singapore, the air pollution cause by the illegal forest burning in Indonesia lately makes this product the top choice among consumers.

  • Handbags

A nice looking handbag is always a perfect gift for ladies. If you have no idea what to get for a lady, handbag serves as a perfect gift. And if you still have doubts about getting handbag as a gift, try increasing the value of the handbag by choosing a branded handbag of higher price.

  • Car GPS system

This product serves as a great gift for those who owns a car. If they already own a GPS system, you can try to upgrade their GPS system. If they often rely on car GPS systems to get around places, an up to date system is required.

  • Pet related items specifically for people who owns a pet

There is always something new for pets. Just take a walk to the pet shop or surf online for pet related gadgets. There are tons of items for pet lovers to purchase. There are a lot of toys designs specifically for pets too.

  • Books version of latest movies such as Fifty Shades of Gray, Harry Potter, Lord of The Ring, The Maze Runner, The Hunger Game, Hobbit and etc

If they love the movies, they will take a look at the books. So just make sure that they went for the movies and love it before getting the book version as a gift.



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