Be sure you take note about the new updates of AdWords terms and conditions

Google AdWords is rolling out new terms and conditions lately. If you are using Google AdWords, make sure that you go through the details and changes which might be related to you. One thing good which Google has done is that users are required to click “Accept” to indicate acceptance. If only Google implemented this feature back in the old days right before they terminated my Google AdWords account, they might still able to make money out from me. It is very important that you study the terms and conditions because your current action might be violating their new set of rules. Especially if you haven’t been logging into your Google AdWords account for years, there might be a lot of updates and changes which you might not notice. It is better to cancel off all of your ads to prevent getting account termination. Don’t just pause your ads. Delete or stop your ads if you are not running them. Once your ads start serving, Google might start to catch and terminate those who are ignoring the new terms and conditions. Check out the blog post title “Important updates to AdWords Terms and Conditions” for details.

P/S: Google terminated my AdWords account even when I’m not using them for years. It is probably due to my ads which I set to pause. I should of stop or delete those ads when I decided not to use them. So try to be careful if you are relying on Google AdWords to promote your business.



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