Be Careful when Placing Google Adsense on Game Play Pages

I had an online game related blog which brings in good earning from Google Adsense. It was a simple blog which I post reviews about online flash games. I never thought that the blog can help bring in some money from Google Adsense, but it did. It was my second best Google Adsense earning blog until I lost it recently. I did put in lots of effort trying to maximize earnings and trying to prevent from violating Google’s rules and regulation, but I still make a big mistake. I should not build my blog on a free blog hosting platform. The problem with free blog hosting platform is that they can terminate your account and delete your blog without any prior notice.

Although I lost my game topic related blog, I still have other blogs which help contribute to my earning in Google Adsense. I suppose it is better to lose a blog account rather than the Google Adsense account. If you are trying to build a flash game blog or website, you need to be very careful when placing Google Adsense ads. Especially pages which allow visitors to play flash game directly, the issue of accidental clicks will be your biggest concern. Check out the blog post title “Avoiding accidental clicks Pt. 3: Tips for placing ads on game play pages” from Google Inside Adsense Blog.

The blog post provides a general guideline on how publisher should place Google Adsense ads on game play pages. Basically publisher needs to prevent gamers from making accidentally clicks while playing games. The ads should not be in the way while playing the flash games. It will be best to monitor the click pattern if you are just starting to implement Google Adsense ads in your game pages. A sudden increase of unusual amount of clicks might get your Google Adsense account ban.



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