Basic Requirements for Blogging Towards Money Making Opportunities 2011

Traffic and content are generally two basic requirements that we have to work on in order to create a blog with money making opportunities. This golden rule applied long before, now and will be in the future. It doesn’t matter how fast things changes online as long as you are able to build good quality content and massive traffic, you’ll make money. In order to success in making money blogging, you need to catch up with the way things are done online. That means keeping up with the trends.

Content is the only thing that does not affected by time. In fact we have more things to write about as time goes by. It’s just a collection of information and knowledge. We have to make sure that people are interested with the information and knowledge that we share. This is the part which we don’t have to worry so much because the more we write, the better content we produce. All we have to do is keep on writing as much as we can.

Traffic is the tricky part which we have to monitor and work on it from time to time. Although it is said that good quality content will generate traffic but results can be better if we make use of the latest tools, websites and technics. This is the part which we have to constantly keep up with the latest trends, technology and updates. That includes working on search engine optimization, backlinks, blog comments, social networking, upgrading blog and trying out new tools. As for now there are some areas we need to work on so that we can catch up with the wave of trends for massive traffic.

One big group of online users that is increasing drastically is the smart phone user. Just calculate the amount of smart phone user around the world and you’ll get the possible amount of people who will go online. So it will be best to upgrade your blog to suit for smart phone viewing. You also need to get involve with popular online social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at people around you when you’re in the shopping mall, coffee shop and you’ll see that most of them who are online will be on Facebook or Twitter. If you connect your blog to Facebook and Twitter, there is a big chance these people will find your blog. It will be even better if you’re able to get your friends who are actively using Facebook and Twitter to place your blog link under their profile.

P/S: You have to change the way you do things online constantly but still if you’re able to capture the basics, you’ll be fine.



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  1. Hi, I link exchanged with you a while back and I just noticed that my links are no longer on either of your blogs while yours are still on mine, incase you have lost my link in changing blog style this is it again : Atashi No Koe… –


  2. Eric says:

    For me works this way – as soon as I stop thinking about money and enjoy writing and marketing, the money are coming, but don’t get me wrong, I set the targets first.