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I miss a post yesterday as I was attending a Halloween party. I know it’s important to keep up with posting schedule but sometimes it’s good to skip a post. Trying to maintain a post a day for a long time is not difficult. Having the thoughts of keeping up with the schedule is a pressure. If you’re like me who have been posting everyday for years, you’ll feel the pressure. Well, some of you might not notice but sometimes you might wake up in the morning feeling trying to get away from your laptop or desktop. That’s the sign of pressure. When you started to dislike blogging which suppose to be your favorite work or hobby, then it’s time to take a break.

Skipping a post might not affect much to the blog in terms of traffic or page ranking. Still you have to make sure that it doesn’t turn out to be a habit. There are few important dates in a year which you can take advantage of for skipping your regular posting. Skipping post 3~5 times a year is still considered acceptable. You may choose Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Thanks Giving, Birthday or any other day which is important to you. Remember to perform post skipping only when you don’t have the time or having a hard time dealing with your laptop.

After taking the day off, remember to make up the losses by writing better post and longer post. Think of it as a time to upgrade your performance after the rest. It is said that we rest in order to continue working and perform better. We also need the rest so that we can stop what we are doing at the moment and reevaluate our position and work.

The first thing that I like to do after taking the rest is introduces a blog post form Free Pursuits by Corbett Barr. The title of the blog post is An In-Depth Guide to Online Business Revenue Models for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. I like the blog post because it has a similar opinion as I do. It explains the relationship between passive incomes, traffic, time consume, effort and earnings. The post helps you to decide which method of money making opportunities that you like to work on and the possible results that you might get.



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  1. Dave says:

    I hope you have had happy Halloween Party! Actually I like this guide and the supported graphics, I guess this is the best way to make money online and consistency is the key.