Avoid multitasking when writing your blog post

Content is king. Especially if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities via blogging, you need to create high quality content. The question is how do you generate high quality content? Honestly I think it is not hard for anybody to create high quality blog post. It is just a matter of willingness to do the work properly or not. The main thing that distinguishes high quality blog post content is topic that back with detail analysis data and examples. This can be done if enough time and effort are invested in doing research and gathering information. The costs which most bloggers paid for high quality content are time and hard work. You can also hire or paid a professional writer to produce high quality blog post. But at the end of the day, you will still have to produce your own blog posts in order to pursuit for money making opportunities online successfully.

I used to multitasking while I’m writing my blog post. I usually sign in emails, Facebook, Skype and Twitter on my laptop while trying to create my high quality blog post content. This is actually not a good way to work on. I took more than two hours to complete my blog post because I often disturbed by incoming calls, messages or contacts. Distraction not just takes up a lot of my time, it also affect my writing flow and concentration. My blog post tends to go off topic most of the time. Sometimes I even end up don’t know what I’m writing. At the end of the day, either I’m force to chance the topic of my blog post or rewrite the whole blog post again.

This is one of the reasons I try not to write long blog post unless it is necessary. I try not to take up too much time of my readers. 5~10 minutes of reading on my blog per day is good enough for me.



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