Auto respond is not always good

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, one of the things which you tend to build is an automatic system that can help to make money online even when you are sleeping. This is actually an idea every online entrepreneur are trying to pursuit. Unfortunately you cannot make everything automatic without having any problem. There are still some areas which require your personal attention in order for things to run smooth. In other words, you cannot make it 100% automatic. One of the automatic systems which most online entrepreneurs tend to use is the auto respond on emails. Basically it is a type of system where customers will automatically get a reply email responding to the email they send. This is so far perhaps the best automatic system created which helps to reduce the workload. The automatic email respond system is great only if you know how to use it correctly. You can only use this system when you are required to send a lot of similar emails daily without attending to customers. In a case where customers have the intention to reply the emails you respond with questions, this system is not suitable. In other words, if customers are expecting a person to respond or reply, don’t use the system to reply. Customers know if the email is written by a person or an auto respond from the system. It is very annoying dealing with the system. It is the same when calling credit card company and having the robot voice giving instruction of which number button to press. If you are planning to use an auto respond system for your emails, be sure to study the respond from your customers. You might drive away customers if you are not careful.



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