Are you vulnerable to cybercrime?

You are vulnerable to cybercrime if you do not take necessary precaution. Your personal information and credit card numbers will always be the target online. If you do not take extra step to safeguard this information, it will eventually be stolen by hackers. Remember that hackers are always looking for ways to gather these valuable information, letting your guard down is just making it easy for them. Especially if you shop online often, your chances of getting hack are greater. There is no such thing as 100% safe. Doubt everything before you decide to purchase anything online. If you often shop online using your credit cards, here are some of the steps you should take note. Don’t shop online using your smartphone. Do your online shopping at home using your own laptop or desktop with network cable connecting instead of wireless connection. Make sure that the firewall is on and antivirus software is installed. Do not browse any other website while you are doing your online shopping. Always keep the laptop or desktop which you do your online shopping clean from any unfamiliar software. Only shop online from the website your trusted the most. Remember that you are vulnerable to cybercrime if you let your guard down. So keep them up always because you’ll never know how they steal your information.



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