Are you preparing to pursuit for money making opportunities online for 2015?

Today is the third day of 2015. Hopefully this is a great year to pursuit for money making opportunities online. This year there is one particular thing that I’m concern about. That is the global oil price. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is worrying about the drop of global oil price. Although we are pursuing for money making opportunities online, the drop of global oil price will still have an impact on our online earnings. The effect of the chain reaction due to global oil price will definitely affect overall cost. It is an effect or risk that we need to monitor and manage. But still that does not meant money making opportunities will be reduce. In fact it is just the opposite. No risk no gain. A steady economic that is free from problems is not a good sign. When there are problems, there are opportunities. This goes the same with share market.

What will happen when global oil price drops below $50 per barrel? Study and research the impact or problems which arise. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of speculation or forecast online about the problems due to global oil price drop. Money making opportunities are there if you are able to provide solutions. You don’t have to solve everything. You can still make some money even if you are able to provide partially solution. One of the most popular problems to solve is cost. Design an app which can help people save 5% or even 1% of cost can be interesting and make money. You may also try working on field related to time saving or workload reducing.

You may try to do some research online and you’ll find a lot of ideas. Usually most of the ideas are just talk without any action. Put those ideas to work and you will be creating money making opportunity. 2015 might be a tough year due to global oil price drop, but money making opportunities remain and waiting to be discover.



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